Script Development

You may send me a script to read either electronically or as a manuscript.  Please email me a copy of your resume, including a list of written and produced plays. I agree to read your script as soon as I can and in the date/time order of arrival. Please don’t call or email to check.  If I didn’t read the play and respond, there are reasons.  I used to operate a national play search; we received not hundreds but thousands of scripts.  I hope this website doesn’t become such a magnet.  If I find the script compelling, I’ll write a short response, mostly about what I like about the piece.  If I don’t find the play compelling, I’ll tell you so but without comment.  I approach these scripts as plays I’d like to direct.  My reaction is personal. Someone else may love your work.  If you want a critical, written response, I can do that.  See Fees.  Reading is prospecting.  Writing is work.

If I find the play compelling, we should talk.  If we strike up a mutual interest in developing the script, I’ll support your work through my network.  The hope is, of course: two heads that love a play are better than one in moving it toward production.  I’ll work my network for the play, and I hope you’ll support my right of first refusal to direct and to conduct open auditions.  Our decision will be made on the basis of what is best for the play.

Read a letter from Evan Guilford-Blake about my work with him as a playwright.